5 Southern California Attractions You Should Add to Your Bucket List

FromĀ the natural beauty of mountains and ocean to the glittering lights of the big city, there’s lots to see in Southern California. Here’s a list of places and attractions you should see before you kick the bucket.

The Hollywood Sign

Nothing is more iconic in Southern California than the Hollywood Sign, and hiking up to it is something you should do at least once. The hike is pretty easy, so you can take the whole family, but it’s also not a stroll in the park, so be prepared. Not only is it great to hike to, but the view from the top is lovely. You can see all of Los Angeles from a new perspective.

Near the start of the hike is Bronson Caves, man-made caves that were used in many movies including Batman’s Batcave. You might want to take the time to explore them since they’re conveniently nearby.

Glacier Point

When you’re in the city, the lights wash out the stars making them invisible to your eyes. That’s why you should head out to Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park to view the amazing natural lights that come from the sky. Plan to get there before the sun sets, so you can view the change in the sky as the sun goes down and the stars come out to play. In the summer months you can drive there, so you don’t have to worry about hiking out in the dark.

Top of Mt. Whitney

Mt. Whitney is the highest point in the continental U.S., and there’s something about being able to say you made it to the top and stood above the rest of the 48 states in the contiguous U.S. However, because the hike is strenuous, you won’t want to wing it. It’s 21 miles round trip and you gain 6,000 feet in elevation, so you’ll need to be sure to take the proper provisions and wear layers and hiking boots. It’s definitely an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Sequoia National Park

Going to Sequoia National Park will leave you in awe. Located here is the largest tree in the world and standing next to it can be a life-changing experience. Named General Sherman, you can visit it during the summer by riding the tram or, in the off months, by walking the half-mile Sherman Tree Trail from the parking lot.

Catalina Island

Located off the coast of Southern California, everyone should take the time to visit Catalina Island. There are beaches here along with zip liningĀ and other activities. It’s also the best snorkeling that you will find in California.

As you plan out your Southern California adventures, you’ll need a base of operations. You should check out Anaheim hotels to find a great deal and to have a central location for many Southern California attractions.

As you consider your bucket list, the main thing to think about is what you want to see most. What types of experiences do you want to have? As you do, you can narrow down what is on your list and focus on planning each destination. Just remember to go and enjoy them rather than going just to cross that item off your list.